Kurt 3600V | 6" Jaw 6" Opening Manual Machine Vise

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The Versatile Lock 3600-Series AngLock vise has a time proven design. The outstanding accuracy of this product is second to none. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this product will last forever when used and maintained properly.

The original Kurt Anglock vises are designed for precision clamping. The “Pull-type” action of the 3600 Versatile Lock design reduces jaw stationary deflection by at least 80%. This vise has a one-piece body and stationary jaw design which reduce weight and increases strength while providing .0005 clamping repeatability. It offers ultra-high precision through many important features. Features include: Ground sides that allow side mounting, upright and back to back mounting, using the body through holes allows side by side mounting.

The patented Anglock design allows the movable jaw to advance in such a way that each pound of force forward induces a ½ pound force downward which minimizes the jaw lift and increases accuracy. This combined with the needle bearings increases jaw clamping pressure. Other features include: 80,000 psi ductile iron body, hardened vise bed & jaw plates, semi-hard steel screw.


  • Buy from us, register with Kurt, and take advantage of their lifetime warranty
  • 0.0005" clamping repeatability.
  • Can be mounted upright or on either side
  • Matched stationary jaw to keyway including the body height +/-0.001"
  • Footprint is 15.06".
  • Hydraulic option is available as a complete package including the intensifier (specify foot or hand actuation)
  • The Versatile Lock vise is the industry's ultimate single station CNC vise.
  • The original, time proven Kurt AngLock design prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping loads.
  • The "pull-type" jaw clamping reduces jaw stationary deflection by at least 80%.
  • The one piece vise body and stationary jaw provide greater strength while reducing weight.
  • Makes a fast, easy and economical vise tombstone. Bases can betailored formost HMC's.
  • Distinctive patented design of the "Kurt Look"

Kurt 3600V Vise

 Product Specifications

Model 3600V
Jaw Width (Inch) 6"
Jaw Opening Capacity (Inch) 6"
Throat Depth (Inch) 1-31/64"
Orientation Type Horizontal
Number of Stations 1
Base Motion Type Stationary
Operation Type Manual
Jaw Height (Decimal Inch) 1.7350"
Base Length (Decimal Inch) 15.0600"
Precision (Yes/No) Yes
Overall Length (Decimal Inch) 17"
Load Capacity (Lb.) 6356
Base Height (Decimal Inch) 3.1870"
Maximum Clamping Force (lb-ft) 80 lb/ft
Overall Height (Inch) 4.6720"
Overall Height (Decimal Inch) 4.9220"


Kurt 3600V Dimensional Data

  Inch Pounds
A 3.187 x
B 6.000 x
C 15.060 x
D 2.750 x
E 0.688 x
F 1.485 x
G 2.750 x
H 1.735 x
J 0.725 x
K 4.500 x
L 2.250 x
M 5.000 x
N 0.937 x
O 3.875 x
P 1/2-13 x
Q 2.000 x
R 4.250 x
S 3.000 x
T 1.380 x
U 0.630 x
V 1.940 x
W 3/4 x
X 5.640 x
Y 0.630 x
Z 6.000 x
AA 6.000 x
BB 9.500 x
CC 11.250 x
DD 14.750 x
MM 2.500 x
NN 0.344 x
OO 1/2 x
PP 0.671 x
Ship Wt. x 69


This product can expose you to materials and/or chemicals including arsenic, lead and other materials and/or chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm.

For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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