5th Axis RL52S-4560 | RockLock 52mm Low Profile Base, 4" x 5", Steel, 60 Degree

5th Axis
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As part of the Rocklock system from 5th Axis, the 52mm Steel Low Profile Base can easily be changed out quickly and efficiently, boosting productivity. The RL52S-4560 measures 103.5mm x 103.5mm x 25.0mm.

5th Axis Rocklock system

Time is money! 5th Axis' Rocklock system can reduce setup times by 80-95%. Standard mounting pattern allows you to easily move vises, fixtures, and tooling from machine to machine with no setup time. 5th Axis has a free float design (patented) that ensures equal force on all 4 pull studs, allowing guaranteed repeatability of .0003" (8 microns) or less.

With the 5th Axis Rocklock system, you save time and money because job changeover is simple and repeatable. No need to build custom adapters or subplates for each new job.

Made in the USA

Steel construction with hardened steel rings and lockring mechanisms. Superior repeatability and wear resistance over the life of the product.


4x M10 at 60° on 112mm PCD.

Wide Compatibility

Check the 5th Axis chart to ensure compatibility with your machine.

5th Axis