Sowa GS-ADX-160G | 6" Precision Milling Machine Vise with 9.13" Opening

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Sowa's updated GS-ADX-160G precision milling machine vise has an updated, increased jaw opening (now 9.13") and adds a narrower body style, to accommodate more vises on the machine table.


Perpendicularity (running face and jaw plate): 0.0004”, Parallelism (running face to bottom of bed): 0.0006”

Spherical segment creates all-directional alignment and reduces jaw lift for improved performance.

Chip evacuation design

Straight through the body on sides and ends, with strategic locations selected to avoid reducing strength.

Updated and revised bearings

Relocated bearing pack reduces oil / water / chip leakage into the vise body. Thrust bearings have been updated to ball bearings, making the pack stronger and increasing stability.


Jaw width: 6"
Opening: 9.13"
Jaw height: 1.75"
Overall length: 16.8" 
Height: 4.6"