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DRILLS • Technical Information

                                                  GuiDe tO Drill iCOns
       number Of Flutes:
       The sum of the cutting edges that impact the workpiece material.
       Flutes provide a path for the removal of chips & carry cutting fluid to the front of the cutting tool.

       Holes in the drill to allow coolant to flow directly to the machined location to reduce heat and flush away chips.

       Cutting Direction:
       Clockwise or counterclockwise turning options for the cutting tool. The rotation of the machine is supported by the same
       direction of the cutting tool. Right hand (clockwise) is the most common. Left hand (counterclockwise).

       Drill point Angle:
       Selection of drill point angle effects tool performance. Flat points offer better cutting action and more aggressive angles create torque.

       Drill point style:
       Helps to remove the cutting force in different grades of materials.

       Coatings or surface treatments have a direct effect on tool performance and tool life.
       They also build a barrier between the drill and the workpiece.

       helix Angle:
       The angle made by the leading edge of the land with a plane containing the axis of the drill.

       In general, the shorter the drill the better performance. The shortest length provides the best rigidity thus creating truer holes.

       performance levels:
       Combination of the drill geometry, tool material and coating help drive the level of performance.

       Non-cutting end that is held by a machine tool accessory to drive or hold the drill bit.

       tool material:
       Choice of tool material is driven by the workpiece material, number of holes desired
       along with the life of the drill.

                                                 Optimum ChOiCe iCOns
        Find the Drill For the Job At A Glance
        We've made selecting the right drill for the job easier than ever. Throughout our drill section, look for the icons shown
        below. Each icon allows you to quickly identify the material or materials the drill is most suited for, allowing you to find
        the 'optimum choice' of drill for your specific application! Our technical staff selected drills based upon the material
        being machined and our recommendation whether carbide or high speed steel is the best option for your investment
        product dollar. Considerations were made for the material hardness, workpiece finish, productivity & tool life.
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