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Advantages of Using Tap Extractors

Jun 20th 2019

tap extractors

In the course of normal operations, it is possible to encounter a scenario where you break a tap. Though this is not common and in most cases amounts to an operator error, there is a need to have the issue corrected. This is where a tap extractor comes to your aid. Though you may only have to use the tool only in a few instances, owning a set of tap extractors would save you a lot of pain trying to figure out a way of getting the tap out of your way. Given the strength of a tap, there are actually very limited options of going about the extraction process since drilling is rarely an option.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience from the use of tap extractors in your projects and a reason why you need to consider owning a set of these amazing tools.

Increased efficiency

Since we have noted that the options that you have are limited once you break a tap, a tap extractor ensures efficiency by enabling you to have an option of extracting the tap and continuing with the project. The alternative to this is a rather messy affair and would take more time to correct. As a result of having an efficient way of correcting broken taps, you end up being more productive and having more fun with your project, and this is of great importance where output is key.

Easy to use

Tap extractors deploy a very basic and easy to understand approach in extracting broken taps. All that is needed is to follow the instructions issued with the extractor, and you are good to go. To begin with, you need to remove all the chipping on the broken tap and then push the fingers of the extractor into the flutes of the tap being extracted pushing gently but ensuring that it is firmly in position. Once this is done, push the holder down until it makes contact with the broken tap. Now, with a tap wrench applied on the end of the extractor, back and forth movements can be done to loosen the tap and have it removed.


Given that the tools are basic in general and do not require any form of specialization, the cost is also relatively low. This is a great thing as it makes the tool accessible, which is important given that the frequency of use is quite low. Still, in regards to the price, there is also the benefit that since they come in as a set, there are extra functionalities making it worth the funds spent.

Variety of sizes

Given that taps come in varying sizes and different flute pattern, the fact that tap extractors are available in a wide range of sizes and popular patterns is a great deal. Within the same set, it is possible to have different configurations, and depending on your preferred taps and type of application. This goes a long day in ensuring that you are able to handle most of your extractions from a single set. With the ability to use the same set for a number of extraction, you will benefit in that you get value for money spent during the purchase and a must-have tool set for mechanics.


As a machinist, it pays to have a job neatly done. This is because you are able to conveniently place everything exactly where it is supposed to be as opposed to looking for shortcuts that might fail to work in some cases or prove to be a challenge when someone else is trying to work on them. With neatness derived from its use, the output has a professional look, and this is something of great importance, especially when it comes to the presentation of work.


The purpose of a tap extractor to machinists is undisputed, and it's a must-have tool. On the other end, drill bits are tools used for cutting and removing materials so that holes can be created. In most of the cases, they have a cross-section that is circular in shape where taps are placed. When looking for a tap extractor, it is, therefore, good to look for tool supply companies with quality industrial tools online.