Roemheld CLR-TC-2500-049-060 | 1/4" OD x 60" Length Steel Tubing

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Steel Tubing

7250 psi max. Precision steel hydraulic tubing is ideal for permanent fixture plumbing where a rigid connection is desired. Seamless heavy-wall hydraulic tubing, C1010 steel, cold drawn, fully annealed, 5/16" O.D, 0.065" wall thickness. Can be used with compression-type fittings or 37°-flare fittings. 22,800 psi minimum burst pressure provides a safety factor over 3-to-1 at 7500 psi. Supplied in 60" lengths.

Tubing Installation

1) Tubing pieces should be prepared for installation by following these steps:

2) Cut tubing to length with a Tubing Cutter,or hacksaw.

3) File or sand tube end square.

4) Deburr both O.D. and I.D., preferably with a Deburring Tool.

5) Clean with solvent to remove chips, dirt, and rust-preventative coating.

6) Blow clean with a shop air line.

7) If using 37°-flare fittings, flare tubing with a Flaring Tool.

Bend as required, preferably with a Tubing Bender

Design Considerations and Safety Precautions

Use bends instead of straight-line connections to avoid stressing the tubing. Use bends to avoid stress in elbow connections also. Use Tubing Clamps to increase the life of the installation. Never use tubing lines to lift fixtures. Do not use any other type of tubing with The power workholding products.

Parts Specification

Length (Inch)OD (Inch)Wall Thickness (Inch)


This product can expose you to materials and/or chemicals including arsenic, lead, and other materials and/or chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm.

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