Aloris AXA-1-AS | 11pc. Tool Set Tool Post & Holders

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Aloris AXA-1-AS | 11pc. Tool Set Tool Post & Holders


  • For use on lathes with up to 12" swing


  • Precision-engineered to assure repetitive accuracy
  • Quickly and easily installed on any engine lathe, bench or CNC lathe for a wide range of operations from fine precision work to heavy duty cutting
  • Slash Your Setup Time- instant changing from one operation to another!
  • Interchangeable with Dorian & Phase II AXA series tool posts. While we guarantee your satisfaction, these especially work best with our matching tool posts (AXA or 100 Series only)
  • All working parts precision ground and hardened
  • Completely sealed for maintenance free operation!
  • Turning: The unequaled rigidity of this tool post and holders insure smoother turning without chatter or vibration!
  • Drilling: Set enables you to drill by power feed with your carriage, instead of hand operation or tailstock
  • Rigid wedge design, easily centered!
  • Aloris is the original manufacturer of quick change tooling and is proudly made in the USA


  • (1) AXA wedge-style tool post (a machineable base to make a T-slot nut to fit your lathe)
  • (1) AXA #1 Turning & Facing Holder (up to 1/2" tool capacity)
  • (1) AXA #2 Boring Turning & Facing Holder (up to 1/2" tool capacity)
  • (1) AXA #4D Heavy Duty Boring Bar Holder (3/4" diameter)
  • (1) AXA #7 Universal Parting Blade Holder (1/2" blade height- blade not included)
  • (1) AXA #8 Threading Holder (Interchangeable high speed threading blades with two cutting edges included)
  • (1) AXA #10 Knurling, Facing & Turning Holder (3/16-1/2" tool bit capacity & supplied with 2 knurls)
  • (1) AXA #16 Combination Turning & Facing Holder for Carbide Triangular Inserts (supplied with fully adjustable carbide chipbreakers & carbide shims)
  • (1) AXA #20 Universal Tool Holder (insert not supplied)
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Lathe Swing:
0 - 12"
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Through Coolant (yes/no):
Non Coolant Through