American Rotary AD75 | 75HP 240V AD Series Rotary Phase Converter

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American Rotary AD75 | 75HP 240V AD Series Rotary Phase Converter

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American Rotary engineers the entire phase converter system to provide optimum performance. They are the only manufacturer that has developed a read induction Generator, along with two separate optimized start and run circuits. For ease of installation, they build the starter into the converter.

AD Series, Digital Smart Phase Converter - This SMART Series Phase Converter is manufactured in the USA by American Rotary and provides strong, utility grade 3-phase power from single phase power for any equipment.

AD series phase converters are specifically suited for CNC, VFD, rectified and any other voltage sensitive equipment.

Best for: Any load, especially resistive, recitified and computer loads such as CNC, FD, EDM and battery chargers.

  • Made in the USA
  • Modular & Expandable
  • VIT Generator
  • Full Current Latching Starter
  • 3 Phase Breaker and Receptacle Slots
  • MicroSmart Digital Industrial Programmable Controller
General Specifications
Single motor start max. (HP) 40
Resistive/Oven (amps) 100
Rectified/Welder (amps) 100


Distributor Exclusive
Free UL Listed products and premium feet.

Designed and Manufactured in Wisconsin
The focus of American Rotary, is always on innovative engineering, product development, and outstanding customer service. The results are great American made phase converters that work flawlessly, provide unparalleled performance and are easy to install, all at an affordable price.

Designed for Phase Converters
American Rotary's VIT™ generator features Variable Impendence Technology. VIT™ provides a Soft Start using only 1/3 of the starting current to get the idler generator started unlike the traditional off-the-shelf 3 phase motors found in typical motors with shafts removed found in typical phase converters. The VIT™ provides precise power, runs cooler for longer life and can run continuously from a no load condition through full load.

Built-in Magnetic Starter
American Rotary's magnetic starter provides the means to continuously control your American Rotary phase converter remotely, from multiple locations or in conjunction with automatic equipment. See the Expandable Design – Remote Start Feature for more information on remote start options.

Double or Triple your power!
All American Rotary Phase Converters are capable of phase synchronization for increased capacity. Converters can be daisy chained together to double, triple, quadruple your power. Call or email the American Rotary technical staff for more information on available options.

Easy Access Wiring
Designed to meet UL minimum space requirements, American Rotary enclosures have removable sides so that the oversized terminal blocks can be accessed with ease. The cover is hinged and can be easily removed.

The American Rotary MicroSmart™ Controller is a patent technology which provides precise control of the phase converter. It monitors the voltage every 50 milliseconds providing better voltage control, prolonging the life of the converter, handles significantly more load capacity (ADX and AI), and enabling several failsafe features that are only available on American Rotary’s SMART Series™ phase converters. (AD, ADX, and AI units only)

Powerful Load Starting Capability.
High inertia and high friction loads such as air-compressors, blower, fans, flywheel & lifting loads can draw 6 times FLA (full load amps) for several seconds during start up. The CTR acts as a stabilizer, ensuring consistent voltage and current. CTR allows our ADX and AI phase converters to start your high inertia machinery with ease in about 1/3 the time of a standard phase converter. (ADX and AI units only)
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