Colton Cutting Tools 61185 | Carbide End Mill 4 Flute Square End Standard CCT-1 Coated 5/64" Diameter x 1/4" LOC x 1-1/2" OAL

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Colton Cutting Tools carbide end mills are 100% manufactured in the USA by an ISO-certified facility, using premium grinding wheels and the finest grades of carbide found in the industry. Attentiveness to edge prep, polishing, and post-production inspection yield pristine geometry and tight tolerances. Colton customers can depend on consistent performance that will reduce machining time, increase part count, and generate tremendous cost savings over the competition. Advanced CCT-1 Coating Colton carbide end mills offer an advanced CCT-1 coating. These coated end mills are often used when little or no coolant is being used, due to their unique ability to better handle high heat. CCT-1 is a premier high performance coating targeting your toughest applications. Whether you are cutting cold roll steel or the most advanced aerospace alloys, CCT-1 will help you get the job done. This proprietary blend of ingredients is designed to give you better performance in all cutting applications. High hardness, high elasticity, low friction coating excels in stainless steels and other high nickel-based alloys. Whether you are roughing or finishing, CCT-1 is up to the task. Why choose Colton Cutting Tools with CCT-1 Save money on high-performance tooling, while still retaining the benefits of a high-performance coating. CCT-1 coated tools deliver incredible value and consistent performance. Made in the USA

  • Premium Sub Micrograin Carbide CNC ground in the USA
  • Engineered for high performance in steel, stainless steel, titanium, and most other difficult to machine materials
  • Premium CCT-1 tool coating offers added lubricity and high temperature resistance resulting in faster speeds/feeds and increased tool life
  • h6 Shank tolerance for use with shrink-fit and other high performance tool holders
Product Specifications
Tool Number 25231768
Cutter Diameter (Inch) 5/64"
LOC (Inch) 1/4"
OAL (Inch) 1-1/2"
Shank (Inch) 1/8"
Flutes 4
Coating FC20



This product can expose you to materials and/or chemicals including arsenic, lead, and other materials and/or chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm.

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