Roemheld CLR-KA-12011 | 1200-7250 PSI Range Double Acting Electric Power Unit

1.23 LBS
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Electric Power Unit - Compact

7250, 5800, or 4280 psi max
For Single-Acting and Double-Acting Systems

Electric Power Units are the best power source for most workholding applications, complete with all electrical and hydraulic controls. Quiet, long-life radial piston pump powered by a totally enclosed fan-cooled universal motor. Large reservoir provides enough fluid capacity for virtually any fixture. Leak-free poppet valves and fittings.Choice of several different power supplies and maximum operating pressures, with either single-acting or double-acting valve function.


The heart of this unit is a precision, long-life radial-piston pump controlled upon demand by an integral pressure switch. This switch is infinitely adjustable from the minimum to the maximum operating pressure. Automatic pressure control is assured, because the pump restarts if pressure drops. Clamping pressure is assured even with an electrical power failure since the solenoid valves are mechanically held in "clamped" position, requiring power only to unclamp. The poppet design of these valves ensures positive, leak-free sealing.

Mounting & Setup

Mount power unit upright, preferably above fixture level to keep the unit clean. Power units can also be mounted on the machine tool using an angle bracket. Connect to a fused electrical supply and fill with clean, approved Hydraulic Fluid. Do not use NPT fittings for hydraulic connections.

Safety Features

Fail-safe operation in case of electrical-power failure since the solenoid-operated clamping valves are de-energized in "clamped" position. These valves are poppet type, so they provide tight zero-leakage sealing. Pump motor has a thermal-overload relay with manual reset.

Duty Cycle

Electric Power Units are designed specifically and purely for workholding, with intermittent clamping and unclamping between machining cycles (not continuous running). For most workholding applications, actual running time is a small percentage of total cycle time. Run time must be less than 40% of total cycle time at maximum fluid level (25% at minimum fluid level). Run time must also be less than 120 continuous seconds at maximum fluid level (15 seconds at minimum fluid level). Otherwise the fluid will overheat and the unit will shut off automatically.

Parts Specification

Operating Pressure Range (PSI)Control VoltageValve FunctionIncludes Push- Button Pendant SwitchFlow Rate (cu In. /min)Reservoir Capacity (cu In.)Usable Fluid Capacity (cu In.)Power At Max Pressure (hp)Motor Current (amps)Noise Level @ 3 Ft (dba)
1200-7250 PSI120VACDouble ActingYes110 cu in. /min238 cu in.112 cu in.1.2 hp2.1 amps65 dBA


This product can expose you to materials and/or chemicals including arsenic, lead, and other materials and/or chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm.

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