Aloris AT-20 | Combination Bar Puller Knurling Tool

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4.65 LBS
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Aloris AT-20 | Combination Bar Puller Knurling Tool
  • Opposing forces on knurls create little or no force on the machine
  • There are NO gripper springs to remove when changing bar diameters
  • Just loosen the lock screw, insert allen wrench and dial to the next size, preload approximately 1/8 revolution lock locking screw.
  • Furnished with 1" shank without knurls or grippers.
  • Knurl-lock screw included.
Product Specifications
Weight 4.3750 lbs
Brand Aloris
Model # AT-20 SET
Shank Size 1" SQ
Overall Height 4"
Overall Length 7-1/8"
Overall Width 4"
Capacity 1/8" to 2"
Gripping Range 1/8" to 2"
Length Without Shank 3-3/8"
Maximum Gripping Diameter 2"
Potential Depth of Cut 1/8" up to 2"
Standard Jaws Yes
Width Without Shank 2"
Extra Capacity Jaws None
Country of Origin USA


  • Remove the two bar gripper screws, replace with optional knurls and use as a knurling tool.
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Overall Height (Inch):