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5 Tool Kit Basics You Should Own

Jun 28th 2019

best set of calipers

Whether you're interested in cars, woodworking, or general machinery, there are a few tools everyone needs to have in their go-to toolkit. Everyone's going to have certain pieces of equipment or tools that they need only occasionally or for one specific project, of course. However, some items will be consistent across various tool kits and industries. Be sure these tool kit basics get added to your list before you next need to shop for industrial tools online.

Smaller Handheld Items

The most obvious components of any great tool kit are the classic handheld staples: your best set of calipers, favorite screwdrivers, a trusty hammer, and so on. These are the tools you can turn to even when everything else has stopped working, including your usual electric systems and devices.

Frequently-Used Power Tools

A hand tool isn't always quite enough to get the job done, or at least done in a timely manner. Be sure to have your most easily accessible, reliable power tools as part of your go-to toolkit. Make sure you're looking for cordless options as well; this will help you stay better organized while working.

Small Odds And Ends

There's nothing worse than getting to work on a project and realizing halfway through that you're missing a screw or bolt to finish the job. Always keep a few spare bits in your tool kit for when you drop something behind a piece of heavy machinery. This can include nails, screws, or anything else you lose frequently. You might even want to consider drill bit storage options like a drill bit organizer if you misplace them frequently enough.

Tool Maintenance Equipment

Your tools in your tool kit are only of any use to you if you keep them working properly. This means you'll need all the right equipment and materials to maintain your equipment with you, so you won't have to worry about interruptions. For example, if you're working with a vise, treat the vise's bare metal with some type of corrosion preventive material like WD40.

Tool Kit Extras

Don't forget about all those extra odds and ends that don't quite fit into the "tool" category, but are still essential to getting any job done well. This includes measuring tools like your best set of calipers, but also other useful items like a level.

For more information on what you'll need in your tool kit or to purchase your machine shop supplies online, contact All Industrial today.