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Never Lose Tools Again With These Tips

Jun 27th 2019

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A messy workshop can be frustrating for any mechanic, woodworker, or other professional. There are few things more irritating than needing one particular pocket caliper or die grinder and not being able to find it. Luckily, there are some fairly simple solutions to keeping your workshop tidy so you'll never have to go searching for a missing tool again.

A Place For Everything

The first step to keeping your industrial tools and tool sets neat is to have a place for every piece of equipment you own. This might be common sense for larger tools like lathe tools or portable floor jacks, for example, but it applies even to smaller hand tools as well. That way, you'll know exactly where to look when you need that one specific tool that only is necessary every now and again.

Know What Gets Used Most

Not every machinist will use all the same tools with the same frequency. You might be particularly attached to your carbide grinder, but not everyone will use it as often as you. Keep the most frequently used tools, like your power drill, easily accessible. Among contractors, 84% say their most commonly used cordless power tool is the power drill. You'll want that easily within reach while you're working without having to go searching for it.

Watch For Tiny Pieces

Tiny pieces like drill bits are some of the easiest to misplace. Look for a drill bit organizer to help you keep them sorted. That being said, don't worry too much if you lose these little pieces more frequently than your larger tools. It's much easier to buy these industrial tools online if you misplace them, so if you've realized you're missing your favorite drill bit, check online to order a new one.

Stick To A Maintenance Calendar

While maintenance might not seem like an important part of keeping your workshop organized, it can make a surprising difference. If you're regularly checking on your tools to see what needs maintaining or repair, it's forcing you to go through and organize your tools at regular intervals. You'll also be able to know what things you need to stock up on the next time you're ordering industrial tools online.

Keep your tools well organized, and you won't need to stock up on them nearly as frequently. However, if you are in need of replacements, consider buying your next industrial tools online to save both time and money.